Thursday, April 14, 2011

"You're not a bad mom, Mom"......

So, my hubby and my boys went camping a few weekends ago, with some friends. The friends consisted of other couples...and their kids.....but, I was the only mom who opted out of the trip.

Now, let me say that there were other men...who were supposed to go solo, but they backed, it left my hubby as the solo one of the bunch, which in turn, made me feel bad.

When they got home, the boys raved and raved about how much fun Mrs. So and so was...and how much Mrs. So and So was not scared...and she hiked, and blah blah blah.

So, I proclaimed to my family, "hey, I know. I am a terrible mom. I am sorry, I wish your wife and mom were way more cool and could EVEN STAND THE THOUGHT OF CAMPING AND PEEING IN A DUG HOLE" (are you kidding!)

Anyways, Chap then proceeded to say "You're not a bad mom, just have way more fun in other ways".


I am feeling all mushy about it. I think I might just make a craft :)

And, speaking of a craft, have you seen the fun cards at Shutterfly?!

Look at these fun Notepads!

Are, if you are feeling extra can even make YOUR mom a THank you card!

Now let me go see what I can craft up :)

**Hey, by the way...if you have a blog, you can try for your chance at FREE cards, too :)

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