Friday, August 5, 2011

Here's what I'm praying...

11:40pm. August 4,2011.

I should've blogged the last hospital visit with Pop. But I didn't.

He has infection in his body. Not sure of the source. He's sick. Very sick.

The best doctor ever just came in to tell us that he needs aggressive management in the ICU and LOTS of prayers. It's touch and go, he said.

And he was very sad. And apologetic. And I understand.

And I hate that I was there to see the look on my husband's face. And the reality that sadder days are ahead.

I know that our Jesus is a healer. But I also know that Pop's body is failing.

I'm praying for God's perfect will.
It's all I know.

I'm praying for rest. And wisdom and clarity.

I'm praying for low-stress and for togetherness. I'm praying for sweet moments in the days ahead.

I'm praying for loving friends and that this would not feel like we are on an island.

I'm praying that the same God that knew Pop before he was born, will give us the softest peace.

I'm praying for my boys. They love their Pop. This hurts them so much. This hurts me that they have to see him this sick.

I'm praying that no matter what...that God would receive the glory and that we would let Him use us.

I'm praying.

And I'm asking if you've read this...will you pray too.


Kim's Treasures said...

Praying for you and your family! I know how hard that is!!!

Virginia said...

Praying with you, B.

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