Thursday, September 22, 2011

Jesus TOOK the wheel......

A mother's worst nightmare--

"Mom...I had a wreck"

Actually, it was a text:

Yes, a text.

**I had just left the doctor's office......two in each cheek......and was on my way to get my scripts filled. I have pneumonia. Lovely!

Needless to say, I was not in my right frame of mind.....and I was on the phone with my her the low-down on my sick-self.

When I get the TEXT!!!!!!!!

And the crazy part is, that was the BEST way. That kid of mine, he knows me.

He knew I would FREAK the text was a buffer. It let me know he had the wreck, and it let me know he was alive.

So-----of course...I FREAKED out. And I called him.

No answer.

Called again.

"Mom..I'm ok. I'm ok"

"Where are you?"

--He told me where he was and that a friend of mine from high school was with him. Already?! Wow! So thankful.


And I turned the corner to a Fire Truck, lights flashing, his horn was stuck LOUD, police car, lots of traffic......

Where is he? Where is he?

Whew! I spotted him. Standing up. Away from the truck.

Goodness. My heart can resume beating again.

My sister in law, Chanda, was already there...taking care of him. And being the mother to him. Praise the Lord for sisters!

The long and short of it is:

He hit a piece of concrete in the road. Just a junk massive piece of the middle of the popped his wheel and it folded under neath him. And he began his journey....into the ditch.

What a level head. He said "I just knew if I could keep it to the right, keep it to the right, I would not hit anyone else and that wall would stop me."

That wall...being a DITCH.

So, he said "I just held the wheel, and tried to keep it from going left into the other lane"

Then he finally got off the road and the airbags deployed (thank you makers of those) and ultimately, he hit the ditch.

The truck is totaled.

Mason is alive.

No one was hurt.

No others involved.

Thank you Jesus. Thank you til the end of time.

No, we did not have full coverage. Just liability.

So, the adventure for a new vehicle will be a painful one. But,that is ok. God is in control. It is just metal.

Anyways, I was reminded by my friend Amy, of this blog post......about when he got his license..just a few short weeks ago....and it all means even more now. Wow. sleeping because my meds have made me crazy, I can't breathe, my mind is in a thousand directions....

I am reminded that life is short. Kids grow up. Moments with them are precious and so much of the day-to-day crap does not matter.

I hugged him a few extra thousand times tonight....and just told him I loved him. Period.

***and so, was the lifespan of the White Ford Ranger***

It was fun while it lasted.....and it goes into little junk yard heaven. Poor Thing.

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