Monday, November 14, 2011

Almost a month.......

Back in the day, when I started this blog, I started it because I thought it would be a great way to connect with other crafters, and to just put my thoughts onto "paper"....

And lots of times, I am really great about updating, but, since I have a "job" now, something that has just not been a part of most of my adult life, I am having to find that balance, between being a "stay at home mom" and a Disney Travel Planner, and then there are all of the little this blog.

I love this blog. I love to be able to put my thoughts down, and then have them here so when I come back, later, I can see, just where I was

And, so, today it is.

Today has been a seemingly great day.

I've been busy about, with lots of "work" to be done, and a football banquet to prepare for. Lots of little details that go along with that, and well, I am not really a "football banquet" kind of person, so I am learning along the way.

Maybe just about the time Mason graduates, I will have figured it all out, and I won't feel like I am driving the Coach crazy, or that I am spinning my wheels.

Regardless, work to be done, and I had to meet a future Disney guest, to go over some details of their trip.

Anyways, I say all of this to day, it's been a busy day.

But, this morning, in the midst of it all, a quick chat with a sweet friend, only for her to tell me that she and her hubby are getting a divorce.

I felt like she kicked me in my throat. (um, imagine how she feels)....
I was just not prepared, and it saddens my heart to know that a wonderful marriage can get to that point, where it is just no longer worth working for.

And on my drive to Birmingham, it reminded me that none of us are exempt from this. None of our marriages are perfect, or spotless, or guaranteed.

And, it just hurt my heart.

And, then, Scott was busy in meetings all day, so we only chatted off and on, and that was just not what I needed. I needed to be one of those "whining wives" know, the one that calls, and has no regard for the fact that he's at work, because *I* am having a bad day, and I wanna whine.

Ok-well-didn't happen. And that's probably a good thing.

And then, later this evening, as I am just kicking into what should be a very productive rest-of-the-day, I get a facebook message from a friend, and he is sharing with me that he and his wife got sad news from the doctor, and their little sweet baby, well, that sweet baby has gone to be with Jesus. Even before Mom and Dad ever get to hold it.

Oh, what a break in my heart.

So many things I want to say. So many words I want to share. And none of them need to be said right now.

But, it's almost like my heart hurts for them so bad, because I know that grief so deep. And I know the heartache, and sad days ahead. And, I wish more than anything, that no one I ever know would have to go thru that.

So, I clicked over here to the trusty ole blog, just so I could jot it down.

And, I know that as soon as I hit "publish" it will all still be the same, and nothing will have been solved by this, but it helps my feelings a little bit.

And, one day, I will look back, and maybe both of these friends will be in a victorious day in their life, and I can say, "Wow, what a wonderful thing God has done in their lives"....

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