Thursday, September 6, 2012

Haters are a part of the process....

It seems that lately, I am in an effort to refocus myself, and the relationships that surround me, and that I find myself engulfed in, and those that I find myself in a state of constant people-pleasing, and always-on....

and we all know how much I love my girl, Oprah.

Well, I am also very fond of TD Jakes. What a wise, wise man, with such a knack for speaking the truth, with a go-ahead fashion.

"Haters are a part of the process", he says. And I so very much love the part about finding your relationships in a non-public forum.

The world doesn't understand me. The world doesn't "get" me, and truth be known, the world doesn't care.

Just those few that I hold near and dear.
And I guess with age, and with life experiences, those have even lessened.

So, catch this segment, from Oprah's life class. I am mostly blogging it, so that I can refer back to it, on days when I need it.
Exclusive Webisode: Bishop T.D. Jakes on People-Pleasing
During the commercial break, Oprah talks about why many women struggle with what she calls the disease to please. Find out how Bishop T.D. Jakes advises you move forward and live with those who may try to hold you back.

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