Wednesday, October 3, 2012

You have to teach them how...

Ok, so, I am participating again in the October, Photo-A-Day challenge, and well, I am glad I am.

Because I snapped this, this morning, I had just dashed in from my morning run, and we were about to dash right back out the door.

And Scott was putting the "finishing touches" on Chap for the day.

You see, it's picture day.

And, Chap is also in a "Men of Distinction" group at school. So, they dress up once a week. And, today, is that day.

So, Chap has been working on his TIE-ing skills :)

And here's where the lesson comes in.

Scott always works on turning things into "teaching moments".
And he is very verbal about the fact that our kids have to be "taught" the simple skills in life.
Like, how to shake a man's hand.

You just aren't born knowing how to give a firm, solid, manly handshake.
As a matter of fact, at my age..ahem...I still don't know that skill. Why? Because I wasn't taught that skill..because I didn't need it.

you get me?

So, I digress.

Scott does a great job, and I am continually thankful for his role as a "teacher" to our boys. Teaching them life-skills to be men.

So, this morning, as they were getting ready, I think the best part about this, is the way that Chap is so focused and watching his Daddy, and maybe, I just wanna think that he was soaking it all in. Ya know?

Now, if I could just get Scott to teach them how to wash dishes.....oh wait...I think I need to teach him first :)


Linh C. said...

I think Chap will remember this moment with his Dad too. So precious!

Lisa said...

you and Scott are so right!! there are so many things that kids aren't taught today. so many parents and teachers say we are too hard on Cole, but he will not be one of those kids that disrespect others, or don't know how to show respect to adults. he won't be the bratty kid that other parents fuss about. jason spends lots of time in Scouts teaching the boys to look him in the eyes when they are talking to each other and to always look at who ever is speaking to you, even if you are only listening and not talking back, or answering, and always speaking clearly and speak up so people can hear you and understand you. little things that they aren't getting everywhere else. i can't wait for Cole to need to wear a tie, and to see Jason teach him how to tie it.

lucysinspired said...

Yes, the way he is looking up at his daddy....that's priceless!

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