Friday, January 11, 2013

It's not that I am mad, I am just heartbroken.

This was the weekend I was training for.

This was the race I wanted to run.

The 20th anniversary of the Walt Disney World marathon...and the Goofy Challenge of 39.3 miles.

And then, such a stupid injury. And it just won't heal.

And I was fine with it. Because it is what it is.

It had to be cancelled and there was nothing I could do about it.

I can't run.

Crap, I can barely walk on it.

And I was fine with  it.
Sad about not going, and sad about cancelling, but it is best.

And then now, everyone is popping up pictures.
Having a blast.

And yes, I am glad for them, because I know just how much fun they are having and because they have trained for this day, and it's huge!

And truly, I am happy.

But, man, I am as heartbroken as a girl can be.

I think I need a Social Media break for the weekend.

Not sure my heart can take it.

And the worst part is.....there is absolutely no light at the end of this running tunnel.

I don't see a run in my near future. And that is like a punch in the stomach.

Ahhh, ok, pity party over.

Well, not over. I think I'll just stop typing.

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"B" said...

I your blog and reading you post. I too have a Marine Corp Marathon rapidly approaching and I have one of those types of injuries that just want heal as well. I've never heard of it but I have a horrible case of Plantar fasciitis. It is very depressing and frustrating so I know how frustrated you may feel. A marathon in a half though..... That's unreal, congrats at the thought and consideration of even attempting. They do not seem to organize any marathons around SE ALA, ever. You and your family live in a runners heaven it seems. God bless

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