Sunday, March 17, 2013

and baby makes 4....

So, Scott and I have the absolute joy of teaching a Young Couples Class in Sunday School (lovingly, at our church, called Life Discovery)

Anyways, we have been teaching that class for maybe 5 years now.

We have had the joy of a few of our couples getting married, but most of them enter in, already married.

We have seen them go from a young couple, to baby number one, and then some of them, onto baby number 2 and even 3. a mother of 2, I always feel it so very strong, when they are anxious to go from a family of 3, to a family of 4.

It seems un-nerving.

And so, a blog post seems fitting, as my sweet friend Ashli, has these very feelings tonight.

Now, let's back track.

Ashli, was one of our sweetest students, when we taught 7th&8th grade Youth, during our dating months and right thru our wedding and first years of marriage!

I feel like I have truly had a hand in raising this sweet girl.

And now a mother of 2.

What in the world?!

Anyways, I digress.

So, tonight, here are my thoughts, as I think back to those months in December 1999.

How in the world will I love another child, especially another boy. I already have a boy that I love so much my heart can't even express?!

How will I take care of big brother and let him know that we still love him so much, while we are so busy devoting so much time to the new baby?

How can I possibly handle 2?!
1 takes up every single little second of every single little moment that I possess.

And I'm already exhausted!

How will I ever make time for my husband....with all of these kids running me crazy :)


Well, the truth is, God, and his fabulous grace, will give you all of those answers.

And then some.

The truth will love this new baby, like you never knew possible!
You will love her, for all of the things that she does JUST like her big sister!
And you will love her, for the way she is nothing at all like her big sister!

You will love her little personality. From the minute you hold her the very first time!

You will love her features that look just like her daddy. And you will love that your mom thinks she looks just like you when you were a baby.

You will love the grin on her face when she dreams while she sleeps.

You will love those little tiny socks that slip right off of her feet because they are too big when she is first born!

You will love her.

You will know exactly how to hold her, and kiss big the same time.

You will say over and over, "don't hurt the sweet to the careful near the baby" and then you will feel AWFUL because you think you are being too "over protective" and then you will LOVE to watch her as she is so very gentle with her baby sister.
Because you taught her to be.

That's ok.
 If you don't teach her to protect her baby sister, who will??

And the minute she is just created the set of Best Friends, that you didn't even know you were growing for the past 9 months.

You are gonna love this!

You are gonna be the best mother.
Even when one is in the tub, and the other is starving! And Dad isn't home, and dinner isn't ready.

It's ok.

Even when the house is a disaster. And someone unexpected drops in. It's ok. You live there. You play there. You are creating your family there. It's ok!!!

Transition from 1 to 2 is difficult.

And anyone that tells you it isn't...well, they are a liar, or they are WAY better at motherhood than the rest of us.

Life is hard.

But God trusts you.

And so, tonight, as you lay down, sweet Ashli, don't go into it with worry, or anxiety.
God tells us in His word to worry about NOTHING, but in all things, to trust Him.

Don't spend tonight anxious.
Savor those last few kicks and tosses and turns.
This is the last night that you can "hold" her selfishly, all to yourself, in that safe belly of yours.
Tomorrow, she enters this world...this mean, cruel world that we call home, for now!

But...she enters into one of the sweetest families that I know.
And she will be fine, and she will be loved, and so will you!

Happy Birthday tomorrow, sweet Avery Kate!

We all can't wait to meet you!!!

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Karen Seal said...

Love this! Bookmarking it for the future! :0)

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