Monday, June 10, 2013

For the love of seasoned stoneware

When the house burned in we began sorting thru the rubble of what once was our very small, yet warm, home-y kitchen, I kid you not, one of my first thoughts was-----how in the free world will I cook without stoneware!?!

I quickly called my pampered chef consultant and said "how quick can we throw a party together?!"
And within a week, we were hosting a party in my awful rental house! 

Who cared about bare walls and hand-me down furniture?!
I needed a pizza pan and I needed it STAT. 

My poor Mason was eating his dinosaur shaped chicken nuggets from the microwave, and well that is not acceptable :)

Fast forward to last night. 
And you can realize my horror when I went to cook dinner and pulled my baking dish out to use and it had this hideous crack in it!

What in the world?!

It lasted 13 years. 
I've had it longer than I've had my youngest child. 

But I love it that much too :)

So----the moral of the story----anyone wanna come to a Pampered Chef party?!

1 comment:

Karen Seal said...

LOVE my pampered chef stones! So sorry yours cracked! :0( Hope you find a replacement soon (and enjoy the party at that)!

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