Sunday, April 15, 2007

A friendly reminder

Sometimes, I need a swift kick.

Our church let the "special friends" do the entire service. Marissa (down's syndrome) had asked Scott if he would sing with her. She just loves him, and he loves her too! It was wonderful, and she did a great job!

As I watched all of these, I just wondered why does it take this service to always give me the kick that I need at the moment. How lazy am i? Sometimes I just don't wanna go. Sometimes I just don't want to stand up during the song service.

These friends would just love to stand up period.........and they sing their heart out for Jesus.

Wow, I love my boys, and I love sitting in church with them. I love being reminded that God gave them to me, to love and to take care of.......and to teach what it means to be on fire for Jesus. Wow, God, please keep reminding me.

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