Saturday, April 21, 2007

So, really, what about Brian?

We just love this show. The whole story line is great. Seriously, ABC, I know you must be reading my blog.....don't let this one get away.
So, what about Brian? What about this cool, tight knit group of friends? Where are they? Where are they in our life? Scott and I have been really soul searching this one. Or (Darrin and Jacque) should I say, Friend Shopping!
No doubt, wondering......has the busy-ness of our lives allowed us to not take time to enjoy a few friends who are there no matter what? Just because. No event, no gathering, no holiday.........just a Happy Tuesday here and there.........just dropping in to hang out for a while.
Sure, if crisis comes...........we have friends. No doubt. When we are rejoicing, our friends rejoice, too. When we have struggles, we have tons of friends to lean on.
But, what about the everyday. What about just for no reason. What about just not wondering when we will get together, but just wondering which house! What about knowing that on any given day, you have a few people who are always on your side. Even if you disagree, or your opinion is not liked.
Do we take the time to be like "back in the old days" when people sat on the porch and just chatted with their friends, or are we so busy that at the end of the day............ so, seriously, what about Brian???

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