Friday, September 14, 2007

Lord, send your rain!

And, He did! Wow, what a rain.

The bad news is that I can't run in the rain, the good news is I am feeling lazy, so thanks, Lord, for the great excuse!!

Susie is coming over to crop for a while. Who knows if we really will get any cropping done, but I sure could use some girly time, so, I can't wait! I need to create a little, and get my brain out of the Disney-high that I have been on all week.

I am always so unproductive when I get home from WDW because all I do is look at disney stuff, float around on different websites, go over and over my pics from the trip, the ones I love, the ones I wish I had taken!

UGH! Oh, well, all is not lost. We are going back in January!!

Ok, off to scrap for a bit. Fun stuff!

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