Sunday, September 9, 2007

Where to begin??

Mickey waffles from Chef Mickey's. I think this is my most favorite food in WDW. Seriously. Although, we did not have a good Mickey this time, so that made our experience sub-par. Sad. Other than that, we had great seats, right by the kitchen door, and had lots of fun with the characthers! Great way to start the usual!
Pirate and Princess party. What fun! Chap was the best Jack Sparrow ever. Johnny Depp, watch out! I mean, he had the walk down, and the flip of the hair, and all. Great stuff! Mason was certainly not dressed as a pirate, but he atleast wore the bandana to be in the spirit of things.
Rides were good, characters were good, although we did not make it to Jack Sparrow, that was a shame, but we did get to see Captain Mickey and he was great fun!
What a good night. Ending the night with the Pirate Fireworks show, and the parade starring Tinkerbell! That was worth it all. She was good. Really good.
Ugh, home now, but ready to go back! More trip report to come!

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