Monday, March 24, 2008

Hey, aren't you Betty Applewhite?

So, first off, what a fun time we had at the Atlanta Hawks game! Good stuff! Great seats......
So, we are sitting there, and all of a sudden, I am like, "oh my goodness! It is Betty Applewhite!!" (you must know that I am a celebrity dork, and I love them all!! So, seeing Alfre Woodard from Desperate Housewives just made my day!)
Anyways, so they sat right in front of us ( you know, as close as from me to Oprah!!) Ha! Anyways, we watched the fun banter with her and her son (14 years old!) and me and Kristin picked at him a little bit for being the average teenager, and having an embarrasing mother!
So, Scott had urged me not to be the dork that I am and ask for a pic, but after a few people did it, I had to!! So, I did! And, she kindly agreed!
After we get home, I google her to only find out the she is a 4 time Oscar winner, and in way bigger roles than Betty Applewhite! But, for me, I will hold her fondly in my heart for that role where she entered my living room once a week and was just as wicked as can be! Love her!

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