Monday, March 10, 2008

Totally Missing Him...........

Ugh. Maybe I am too overprotective, maybe I am too over-dramatic, maybe I am just too much of a mother (is there such a thing??) but, regardless, I miss him.
Yes, his first trip away from home, no mom or dad to supervise, be there...just in case.
Not that I don't trust him. I totally trust him, but I know that "things happen" and that's what I don't trust.

And........duh! Why doesn't he call me? Is he too busy doing what Beta Club members do? Is he so busy with his friends? Wow! Do I sound like a jealous girlfriend or what?! Wow, that kid is gonna kill me before it is all over with!

I just love him, and I miss him. I miss him coming in to give me that "good morning hug" every morning, I miss his sweet spirit when he gets in my car in the afternoon. Yes, I miss him.

Can you tell? Thank goodness he will be home tomorrow! Yipee!

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