Wednesday, April 16, 2008

33 things I am loving about being 33!

Yes, what a glorious day is April 16th! One of my most favorite days of the year! I don't share it with anyone, and I only do things that I like to do on my day! No laundry, no dishes, nope. Nothing bad. Just good, fun stuff! (if I can help it!)

So, I thought I would give a post of 33 things that I am already loving about being 33.

1. This pic is the first thing I saw when I woke up this morning! I love him.

2. Then, both boys gave me a huge hug when they got up. (those are getting harder to come by with Mason!)

3. Before 8 am, 5 people that I love had called to wish me a happy day!!

4. I am loving our home.

5. I love running.

6. I don't love my knee pain, but I love the fact that the dr. called me an athlete! I love it.

7. I love that we all run together, and we have so much fun anywhere we go!

8. I love Starbucks coffee.

9. I love Under Armour.

10. I love my nike+ipod system.

11. I love the lake that we can see from our front window, and I love watching the boys fish.

12. I love when I am in the other room, and I hear the boys laughing outloud.

13. I love my church.

14. I love scrapbooking.

15. I love taking pictures of Scott, and of the boys, and of me kissing them!

16. I love drinking coffee in my studio!

17. I love my husband. I love that we are friends.

18. I love crazy reality tv. I know, I know, but I do love it. I think it makes me forget about my stresses, and see that other people really are a little bit more dysfunctional than we are!! :)

19. I love picking the boys up from school. I look forward to seeing them in the afternoons.

20. I love going to the gym.

21. I love reese's cups.

22. I love Andrew McCarthy! Man, I am glad he is on Lipstick Jungle. I forgot how much I liked him.

23. I love dark chocolate. All kinds, types, brands.

24. I love Mary-Kate & Ashley lipstick. It just works for me!

25. I love playing in my studio.

26. I love pictures on my wall in our home. I could cover the walls, but Scott........well, not so much!

27. I love checking the mail. I look forward to happy mail!

28. I love parking my truck in our garage. Wow! Who knew what a difference that would make in life!

29. I love having $$ in the checking account, then I don't have stresses.

30. I love one spoonful of peanut butter at night. Preferably with a fresh glass of ice water!

31. I love pink.

32. I love new shoes.

33. I love blogging about things I love at 33.

I am so excited about the year ahead, running goals, family trips, times with friends, new opportunities, and fun times! How exciting!


Anonymous said...
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Katie said...

Happy B'day Again Brit! Loved hanging with you at the Event.

Anonymous said...
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