Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Is he cute or what?

I mean, that is a tall drink of water, right there! Look at him, standing out in a crowd (the bright shirt helps!!!) He is such a hunk! (total mom word!) Gonna miss him all week!
So, so much going on around here! Getting all geared up for the Scrap Etc Event, Scott's been in the garage getting ready for some Floodgate time at church, the tube surgery was a success, my 7th grader made it in the top 25 in his class, invited to the banquet (how much fun is that!). Proud Mom here!!!, spending some family time, boys playing with the dog, going fishing, a really cool get together on Sunday (praise God!) and then praying about a few other opportunities! Whew!
Oh, yeah, and ate a fresh Krispy Kreme this morning! Good day!
So, really, I guess my head is just swimming with stuff.........nothing major........just stuff kind of stuff.

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