Friday, September 26, 2008

Lots to say.........and it's Friday!!!!!!!!!!

The coloring on this one is not so great, but I looooove the way it turned out! Roll Tide Baby!

Half way there..........................13.1 miles on Tuesday! I did it! Man, I was running that last half mile, hands raised in the air, just thrilled to my soul.........what a rush of accomplishment!

Busy weekend ahead! Boys get out of school early today! So, we will play a little tonight. Give away a little ice cream tomorrow at the Auburn Game (no fun!) and then head home to watch the Bama/GA game (roll 'em!!) & hoping to sneak up to the store for ScrapPink!

**And, if you are still reading I need a little help!

Can anyone out there recommend a good book (keep in mind, I am NOT a 'read for fun' kind-of-girl)? A good book about "help-my-previously-perfect-teenage-son-is-hormonal-and-it's-killing-me"??? Anyone??


Brooke said...

I don't know of a book like that but i am all for you writing one and using that as a title. Could you make sure to take care of that writing bit before mine gets there. Andrew is 9 so you have 4 years : ) Oh and if you come across a book "my-five-year-old girl-is-P.M.S ing-i'm-sure-of-it" let me know.

Katie Burnett said...

love the layout. sorry I can't help you out on the book.

HoweverAlthough said...

Love your layout, b!

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