Monday, September 22, 2008


I had a weekend away.......scrapbooking with friends, just for me! No working, no planning, no doing much of anything, certainly not sleeping!

So, although I am tired, I am refreshed, ready to conquer the world (again!). I certainly needed some renewing........the teenage years might just be harder then the preschool years. I am certain.

Marathon training coming right along. Gretchen helped push me Friday, although I only made it 11.25 miles, I felt good about it, I pushed myself, and I gave it what I had, and then some. It was great.

I am so proud of my Scott. He is also in training, and way ahead of me. He is training for the Goofy Challenge (half on Saturday, full on Sunday) so he has to be ahead of me! But, he ran 20 on Saturday, and said (after he got over the initial excruciating pain) he felt great! Great for the rest of the day! I am so proud, because that means his training is paying off. He said at 18, he hurt, bad, and wanted to stop, but he "gutted it out" for the last two. Now, that is pushing it! I love him.

But, back to the real world, and running tomorrow, then working a bit, and wow, the laundry!

Good times, kids, good times!

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