Friday, October 3, 2008

God with us....or atleast me!

I did it! I did it! I did it! 14 miles today! Wow, what a great way to start a day!

I had a friend (he is 50!!) to run the middle 8 miles with me! I ran the first 4.......feeling great, he joined in, we ran, busy roads.......still feeling great......then at 12......i ran home! Literally.

The last 1 1/2 mile.....I put my ipod back in..... and had a little bit of Mercy Me goodness.

Then, at .80 to go......this song came on! Now, I like the Mercy Me version, but I really like the version down below (my bro-in-law) better. A little up-tempo.

So, that last .80 i ran.......hands raised in the air, smile on my face, probably almost skipping at a sub 9 minute mile...... praising God, thanking Him, and just beside myself! I was doing it! I was running it! 14 miles!

What a great day! Enjoy the video! I know just thinking of this song makes me happy!


angie worthington said...

CONGRATS to you!!!...that is awesome!!!....i know you feel so proud...i am proud to just run thru 2 songs while i am on the treadmill (lol!!!)....

Lisa said...

YOU absolutely ROCK Brittney!!! I can't even imagine working as hard as you have to do this. I'm super proud of you and proud to say I know the fabulous B!!!

HoweverAlthough said...

So this is how you are able to eat ice cream? I think I will pass. Congrats, though! Good to see you Saturday - you look cute in yellow!

Anonymous said...


Can't wait to watch you cross that finish line in January!!!

Anonymous said...

ooo one of my favorite songs.
I can't wait until breakforth (here in AB in January) when I can se Mercy Me live again.

CONGRATS on your run. I don;t run that far, but I always pray my last little bit,,, He is my strength.

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