Saturday, April 26, 2008

Scenic Route Kit

Scrapbooking!!!!!!!! Ahh how lovely

1. All of the layouts in the slide show above came from THIS KIT (it is a pre-fab kit, and I made the layouts to showcase at Scrap Etc ---they have it for sale---I think it's only $15.99 for all of this stuff----so you can see what all is in the kit) then I made 2 cards an additional layout, and a Do Not Disturb sign for my sis!

2. Then, I spent some time making fun layouts! I love the Arrgh! one! I love how it turned out. I've been holding on to that Hambly pirate ship until just the right mood!

3. I have one page to go in the Everyday album. It is so crazy cute!

4. I made the "i can" journal for my marathon training, and such. I will be putting all of my successes and woes in there, and then, journaling about it along the way. I am a major fan of Creative Cafe.........thanks Danelle, Kristi, and Melodee!

5. The happiness layout! My goodness! I love that pic of us! Thanks, Susie! That was a few products from Stemma, and I really needed to use those, and get that out of my way! I am liking all the pink with the castle!

Goodness! It feels good to be creative.

Chap's Surgery

Tubes were not so bad, the meds before were even better!

David Long Big Mountain Idol

Here's David, he made it to the final four! Now, he's gotta step it up a notch for next week!

Props to David Cox for fabulous tunes on the guitar.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

33 things I am loving about being 33!

Yes, what a glorious day is April 16th! One of my most favorite days of the year! I don't share it with anyone, and I only do things that I like to do on my day! No laundry, no dishes, nope. Nothing bad. Just good, fun stuff! (if I can help it!)

So, I thought I would give a post of 33 things that I am already loving about being 33.

1. This pic is the first thing I saw when I woke up this morning! I love him.

2. Then, both boys gave me a huge hug when they got up. (those are getting harder to come by with Mason!)

3. Before 8 am, 5 people that I love had called to wish me a happy day!!

4. I am loving our home.

5. I love running.

6. I don't love my knee pain, but I love the fact that the dr. called me an athlete! I love it.

7. I love that we all run together, and we have so much fun anywhere we go!

8. I love Starbucks coffee.

9. I love Under Armour.

10. I love my nike+ipod system.

11. I love the lake that we can see from our front window, and I love watching the boys fish.

12. I love when I am in the other room, and I hear the boys laughing outloud.

13. I love my church.

14. I love scrapbooking.

15. I love taking pictures of Scott, and of the boys, and of me kissing them!

16. I love drinking coffee in my studio!

17. I love my husband. I love that we are friends.

18. I love crazy reality tv. I know, I know, but I do love it. I think it makes me forget about my stresses, and see that other people really are a little bit more dysfunctional than we are!! :)

19. I love picking the boys up from school. I look forward to seeing them in the afternoons.

20. I love going to the gym.

21. I love reese's cups.

22. I love Andrew McCarthy! Man, I am glad he is on Lipstick Jungle. I forgot how much I liked him.

23. I love dark chocolate. All kinds, types, brands.

24. I love Mary-Kate & Ashley lipstick. It just works for me!

25. I love playing in my studio.

26. I love pictures on my wall in our home. I could cover the walls, but Scott........well, not so much!

27. I love checking the mail. I look forward to happy mail!

28. I love parking my truck in our garage. Wow! Who knew what a difference that would make in life!

29. I love having $$ in the checking account, then I don't have stresses.

30. I love one spoonful of peanut butter at night. Preferably with a fresh glass of ice water!

31. I love pink.

32. I love new shoes.

33. I love blogging about things I love at 33.

I am so excited about the year ahead, running goals, family trips, times with friends, new opportunities, and fun times! How exciting!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Is he cute or what?

I mean, that is a tall drink of water, right there! Look at him, standing out in a crowd (the bright shirt helps!!!) He is such a hunk! (total mom word!) Gonna miss him all week!
So, so much going on around here! Getting all geared up for the Scrap Etc Event, Scott's been in the garage getting ready for some Floodgate time at church, the tube surgery was a success, my 7th grader made it in the top 25 in his class, invited to the banquet (how much fun is that!). Proud Mom here!!!, spending some family time, boys playing with the dog, going fishing, a really cool get together on Sunday (praise God!) and then praying about a few other opportunities! Whew!
Oh, yeah, and ate a fresh Krispy Kreme this morning! Good day!
So, really, I guess my head is just swimming with stuff.........nothing major........just stuff kind of stuff.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Brotherly Love

Mason says (as he is headed out the door to spend the night with Aunt Chanda)," I love you, I hope your surgery is good, I hope they don't accidentally cut your ear off!"

**Love those positive vibes only a brother can send!!! Gotta love it.
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