Monday, May 4, 2009

All things to all people

Ok, so here's a blog post with no photos! That's a rare deal for me....but ya know!

So, wow, it has been a few busy weeks in the past, and I think that I am really full of being all things to all people. Now, let me say: each and everything is fantastic for the most part, but man, I am one tired girl.

Scrap ETC event. Wow, what a time.
Saving Private Parts. Raising lots of $$$
Mayfield. Doing a little Ice Cream PR
Wife. Oh yeah. That.
Mom of the boys. Tennis. Baseball. Choir. Drama. Media Ministry at church. and schoo. Yikes.
Family. we have had a few loved ones go on to be with Jesus in the last few months. That is hard too.
Friend. Yes, trying to keep up. Hang out with my peeps. Starbucks with Susie. Dinner with friends. Grilled Cheese's on Sundays.
Running. Oh. Wow. Another Marathon. What was I thinking!

Yes, tired. Recovering. Back at it. Needing to focus a little more on the boys school, for these last few days.


Michelle Whitlow said...

Whew, that's a lot! Sorry to hear about the loss of loved ones. That's always hard no matter what else you have going on. Being all things to all people is hard, isn't it?!! Us girls get tired!!

lucysinspired said...

I owe you another thanks for being there for me! thanks for all your help. xoxo

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