Saturday, May 9, 2009

Just a IS worth it!

When I am in the middle of my woes.......burning the candle at both ends, running to and fro, doing more things than I can possibly juggle, and at the end of the day, being so crazy comes Mother's Day.

I think of the people who don't have their children with them on Mother's Day. I think of my sweet little Elijah, and how different life might be with *3* boys! I think of the women who have not yet had the blessing of feeling the way I felt those days, when I heard there cries for the very first time.
Yes, it is worth it! Every tiring second. Every bad day. Every good one. Every smile. Every "thank you". Every text message, saying "mom, I did it!" Every thumbs up from first base. Every snuggle on the couch. Every "i love you" mumbled very quietly as he hops out of the car at junior high. Every kiss on the cheek! Every single thing.
It makes it all worth it! T
And, I have said it, and will say it again, I am NOT just a stay at home mom! I AM a stay at home mom. On purpose! And, I thank God for it! And my boys. Any my hubby who is willingly sacrificing so that I can be!
I don't think it is any coincidence that this holiday falls in the midst of end-of-the-year parties, field trips, academic banquets, make-up rained-out ballgames, tournaments, choir performances!
Thank God.......for Mother's Day!


Simply Scrappin Retreats said...

AMEN!!!!!! Hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day!


Anonymous said...

LOVE those sweet pictures!!!

Happy Mother's Day to you!

Virginia said...

I so agree, wholeheartedly!

Happy Mother's Day! XOXO

Unknown said...

Tear! love it!

Anonymous said...

So true... it's is worth every wonderful, painful, blessed minute.

Michelle Whitlow said...


erin said...

oh, that is SO true!
from one sahm mom to another, happy belated mother's day!

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