Sunday, December 5, 2010

Georgetown Cupcakes!!!!!

The *minute* that we were certain we were going to Washington.....I knew that a stop at Georgetown Cupcakes would be on the agenda!

And, believe is not the easiest little place to get to (when you are mostly traveling on foot!)....but, nonetheless....we made it!

First off, Georgetown is such a quaint little city, and I love it! I quickly fell in love with the hustle and bustle of this college-age town, and loved walking the crooked, tiny, narrow streets! What a fun little place!

Ok, back to the cupcakes at hand!

We finally were getting closer to the street....and, we turned the find this! The line! Ahh the line! Now...most people HATE a line! Nope. Not me. Not for this! I was happy to be IN the line. A part OF the line! Yay! We were here!

Now, to grab a menu and decide what we wanted. Yum! Cupcake of the day! Yum!!

Look at these little beauties in the window! It's almost like they were waving at me!!!

And, then, to decide. I thought I had my mind made up, and then I saw these!

Oh, it was just too hard!
We took a dozen with us! Yes, a dozen! Quick math = 3 each!

We all wanted a Red Velvet! Oh, and that cream cheese icing! It was like no other!

So, out we go, cupcakes in hand, yum!

Thank you Georgetown Cupcakes......until we meet again...xoxo!


The Kloeppings said...

So jealous ! I live less than an hour from that Shop and have yet to make it down there. Every time I see the show on discovery I kick myself for not taking the time. Someday I hope. Looks like you guys had a very full but awesome trip to DC.

lucysinspired said...

you are one funny girl! Glad you got those yummy cupcakes!

lucysinspired said...

You are a funny girl! I hope you enjoyed your cupcakes!!

lucysinspired said...

did i post twice? oops....sorry!

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