Monday, December 6, 2010

One tough week.

Where to start?

One tough week. How can this first week of December be so tough?

The month of tidings and joy?

The month of festivities and cookies and candy and gifts?

The month of Santa Claus and Elves and garland and wreaths?

But, for some friends. This week is tough.

One week ago, today, a friend's house burnt. A mom. A dad. 5 children. Lost nearly everything they have. A few things were thought to be remaining and hopeful that they might could salvage some remains.

But. NO.

Then, the next night...the house caught fire. AGAIN.

Heavens. No! Yes, it did.

They lost it all. Ashes. You know, we know that it's all STUFF...but dang it. It was THEIR stuff.

Praise the Lord, they were all ok, and we know that that is what matters. But, it's still tough to watch.

Then, this weekend, another family struck with tragedy. And, as I type, their 13 year old, is being taken off the vent, as his mom and dad have been told there is no brain activity.

How can this be?

Why, oh why should a mom and dad have to endure such heartache?

But, I know, that God has a plan. I know, that I know, that His grace is sufficient.

And, so, in my warm home, with both of my boys healthy, I type....and it reminds me...yet again (dang I must be stubborn)'s ALL His. ALL His. Everything is HIS. From the stars in the sky to the depths of the ocean floor (yeah, catchy like a song, huh!). It's all HIS.

But, it's not easy to take when you are in the midst watching it all surround you.

Jesus, please help my friends...and their friends...and their family.

It's been one tough week.

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Kim's Treasures said...

For some reason bad things happen even during happy times like Christmas, God only knows the answers. One year ago yesterday, my cousin's daughter was staying the weekend with her dad and while they slept the house burnt down and she died, she was only 13. 2 years ago, yesterday my dad had a 30% chance of surviving surgery do to the rupture of an abodominal aortic aneurysm. Miraculously he survived. Praise God! And 13 years ago tomorrow, my grandfather passed away revealing a secret that he had been helping my grandmother cover up her Ahlzeimer's. I sometimes begin to worry now in to what is in store. BUT God certainly does have a plan, sometimes not our own but HIS.

I pray your friends and their families endure through God's grace!

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