Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Starbucks..and more Seattle

More of the Market!!!!!

The first Starbucks. The original. The Pike's Place.

Oh, my love for this place runs so deep....and to be here....is just pure happiness. I almost didn't know if I should jump up in excitement, or kiss the walls.

It was so vintage. So nostalgic.
(happiness lives right here!!!!)

This guy was awesome! A harmonica-playing-hula-hooping-guitar-pickin-street performer! Fun times!
Then, just a little bit of walking around, enjoying the market, and a little bit of sight-seeing.

And, then, off to dinner.

At the Crab Pot. Another one of Mandy's recommendations.

Now, let me say, I was NOT a fan of the wait. LONG. LONG. wait. But, we knew with a wait like this, it was popular. And must be good.

And, indeed. It was.

First off, a little bit of paper, to prepare the table. And, some bibs for the mess.
And, the paper, well, not so clean after a few friendly (mom tries to win!) game of Tic Tac Toe!!!

Then, he dumped the food on the table. And we were ok with it.

Yum. Yum. Yum.

Ready for the mess.

My Crab Bisque. Absolutely Delicious!

And, he was LOVING the Clam Chowder. And, I must say, it was fantastic.

Mid-dinner, I looked outside. It was 8:45pm. And it looked like noon. WEIRD!

And, they began partaking.

And, this was the result.

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Karen Seal said...

How exciting!! Yay for the original Starbucks and Seafood on the table! Looks like fun!! :0)

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