Thursday, June 9, 2011

Welcome to Canada Place Terminal. I must admit, I was a little apprehensive, going into this “non-Disney” terminal, and hoping that the check-in process/boarding would go as smooth as is does in Port Canaveral.

When we arrived, it was beautiful. Not the same “cross-the-bridge-and-see-the-smoke-stacks” beautiful, but a very, very GORGEOUS view of the terminal and the ship at the same time.

This sign above the entry doors made me VERY happy!

Yes, We are here! Ready to proceed to checkin!!!!

And they had these cute signs (replicas of the infamous Disney Cruise Line luggage tags) everywhere! Perfect!

This is a little bit of “snobbery” true. Not having to get in the “regular” line, we were more than happy to move over into the Castaway Club check-in line...about 1/2 as short...just one of the perks of being a repeat cruiser on Disney Cruise Line!

And, is there someone that can tell me WHY IN THE WORLD we did not think of these freaking cute shirts?!

And, then to the photo-op with Mickey! LOVE! LOVE!

And, the grandparents jump in! So so cute!

And, time to move closer to boarding. They scanned our Key To The World card, making it official.....we are getting on this ship!!!

I mean, honestly, even the Hand Sanitizing stations make me smile! How cute are they!

Woah! Now that is a lot of LUGGAGE!
Welcome aboard, the Flebotte Family!!!

And, welcome aboard, The Butler Family!!!
As always, I stop...and look UP....and I LOVE this "thing" in the middle of the Atrium!

And, first stop, for a photo in front of Triton’s.

Love this guy!!

Yay! Pluto arrived in the Atrium! to explore our Staterooms!

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