Saturday, June 11, 2011

All Systems Go....

Once we got on the ship, it was all systems go.

I LOVE the fact that the pool was full, but the Lifeguard was in his winter jacket! Fabulous!

Into the Beach Blanket Buffefet for lunch, and then I spotted this. I am not so sure why Ice Carvings fascinate me so much.....but....I love this Ice Sculpture.

GrandMary, I am sorry to let you know, but it looks like these people went all out on their door.....

And, then up to the Deck 9 for the Adventures Away party! These little cuties were ready for the party...and some characters!

Love these boys! Love being on this ship with them!!!!

And, I told the could always be *could* be volunteered to be one of these guys!

And, there’s the kids...on the upper deck!

Then, back to the room......and I spotted this in the bathroom! I think I heard the angels sing!!! I absolutely LOVE the Spa H20 that is always on the Disney Cruise. My favorite!

Ahhh, look who we spotted in the hallway! LOVE these two! we go to dinner......

***Wait....didn't we just eat lunch?! Oh my!

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