Thursday, February 2, 2012

Jazz Kitchen Express - Home away from home!

Nothing says "Southern food" like Beignets. Yes, pronounced BEN-YAYs!!!

And we love them in the south, and when you go to New Orleans, you MUST, that is a MUST stop at Cafe Du Monde for fresh Beignets.

So, imagine our surprise when we stumbled upon the Jazz Kitchen at Downtown Disney at Disneyland, and they had them!

Oh, sweet mother of pearl!

So, I ate my Turkey Sandwich (mostly because I was starving) but really because my Mama told me that to get to dessert, I had to eat lunch. So, lunch I ate!

and then we dug right into the bag, or warm, powdery goodness!

And, yes, we licked our fingers....and we liked it!!!

And the truth is, maybe we ate 2.

Well, maybe we did. Maybe we didn't!

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