Sunday, February 19, 2012

Jesus and Brownies

This morning in church, my friend Mistie gave and awesome example of God's grace.

Her little girl, 3, was having a not-so-obedient day. After dinner that night she asked for a brownie.

Her mom said "do you think you *deserve* the brownie, after the way you've acted today??"

"No mommy. I don't"

She said " you are right. You don't. But just like we didn't deserve God's love, and we didn't deserve His forgiveness and Jesus' death on the cross. He gave us grace. And He gives us grace every day"

And then she went on to say "and I love you. And because God has given me grace, I'll give you the brownie. Just because I love you. Not because you deserve it"

God's grace! Wow!

1 comment:

StrongNHim said...

that is an awesome example of how I can talk to my son about Jesus' grace!

Thanks for sharing.

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