Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Deep thoughts by Jack Handy....

So, today, I am struggling with the concept, that I have been using...My Travel Planning Services are Free! Well, truthfully, they are. IF, and only IF, you book with me. You see, if you book your Disney Vacation with me, then I get paid. And if you don't well, then I don't. Very simple, huh.
However, lately it seems that I have a lot of "friends" or friends of friends, that want to call me, ask me for tips, what about this, when's the best time to go, what about fireworks, dinner with the princesses, etc....and then only to find out, or see on facebook, that they booked their trip online. Or however.
So, the reality of that's because I have de-valued my own self. Not on purpose. And not even knowing it. But, by saying I am free. I am NOT free. I am of no cost to you...and that comes as a perk, an add-on, if you will--with your Disney Vacation, booked thru me. It's almost like I'm the toy in your Happy Meal! The extra! The prize :) Yes, that's it!
So, anyways, my very critical self....I posted my status this morning..and then quickly deleted it. Not sure why, but here's what it said...and then, of course, stupid insecure me...I was scared I would hurt someone's feelings. GOSH. I get on my nerves!
Status: Today I am rethinking my "tag line"
My Disney Travel Planning Services are NOT free. They are of no cost to you. If you don't book with me, I don't get paid.
I am NOT free. I do NOT work for free. I am valuable. My Time is valuable. My knowledge, thoughts, tips, tricks. They are valuable.
If you choose not to book with me, and you call that 1.800#, well that's up to you. Or, if you just wanna book with me because I am your friend, then Thank You! But, I am *not* free....and I'm gonna stop saying that I am.
I deserve more than that.
**Anyways, I promptly removed that status..but I still do mean it! So, I'm posting it here...where I am a little more transparent :)


TinaL said...

Anyone that has a service type expertise seems to always have that same problem. I mean we all need to put food on the table too, right? I love it and think you should have left it as your status. SO what if you hurt a few feelings, they hurt yours! YOU are valuable and you are my Lagniappe to our Disney vaca we will be taking very soon and for that I AM GRATEFUL!

Kelly said...

I do think you should have left it. It'll help others get the clue on what you do. And what you do I am very grateful for!

Tina said...

Ok I am not sure how but the unknown is ME!

Tina said...

Ok I am not sure why it showed up as unknown I thought I was logged in as Tina but apparently not. Now I am showing my scrapbooking one at a weird addy....anyway..I appreciate you!

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