Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Journey begins..


This little guy!

Can there possibly be anything cuter?

Oh, I just can't get enough!

So, anyways, today is the day!

Let the "He is going to college" journey begin!

We are off on our first Campus Visit to the University of Alabama.

I know it is so very cliche, but, it just seems like yesterday, he was this sweet little bouncy guy.

He loved to snuggle in my lap.

He loved to play in the bathtub forever.

He loved to eat chocolate pudding.

He loved to drink chocolate milk.

He was my little best friend in the whole world and he loved me more than anything.

****WAIT--------he is STILL all of these things! Silly guy!

I can hardly believe that we are here, and just over that hill, is the beginning of the rest of his life! His adult life!


I guess we have raised him daily, to prepare for this day!

How do *I* feel?

I am excited! I am CRAZY excited! I am excited at the potential of a college student. A future. A goal. A dream. I am excited at the thought of dorm rooms and college laundry and sending brown bags of groceries in the back of the car. I am excited at the thought of going down on game day, for Parents Day.

Now, I know that he might not choose UofA, and I'm ok if he doesn't. But, I know where ever he DOES choose....we will be his biggest fans!

But, on the flip side, I must admit, I am nervous, and a little teary-eyed.

All of those emotions, I can't deal with right I am going to stick with the VERY excited ones!!!

***Now, what in the world is a college mom supposed to wear :)

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