Monday, August 20, 2012

My rear view...

I was ok.
No really. I was.
He hugged me. I wished him a great day. I took lots of pictures. And they both let me.

No arguing. No complaining. They know me. They "get" me.

And Chap and I got in my car. And he got in his. And as we approached the high school. I got a big lump in my throat. Knowing that I wasn't dropping him off for this monumental day.
Day one. Senior year.

And then.
I glanced in my rear view. And I spotted him.
All on his own.
And man.....
It got me.

Like such a perfect picture.
He's growing up. He's gaining independence. And isn't that what I had hoped for.
Isn't this what you spend those early years doing? Teaching lessons of independence.
But then. In my rear view.
So very appropriate.
It was like I saw it all in a glance. All in my rear view.
Kindergarten. And Mrs Whitten. And tying shoes. And learning letters. And making school projects. And junior high. And field days. And lunch boxes.
There it all is.
All wrapped up in that white Ford Explorer.
Goodness I'm so thankful for the sweet guy he is. And how much he loves me, and loves Jesus, and loves life in his own quiet way.
But as I watched him zip into that parking lot, it was more than I could take.
Praying. With all that is within me, for the best year ever.


Andi said...

I was fine on this first day of the last grade until....I read your post, and I boo hoo-ed! Wow! You summed up my feelings perfectly. May God bless them both for the best year ever!

Unknown said...

and because of this you are teaching me to be a good momma to my littles. xoxo

lucysinspired said...

He is a great kid! You are a great momma! It's going to be fun....hang on!!

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