Friday, November 30, 2012

You see...what had happened was...

Let me set the scene....

It was a dark and stormy night.........

Ok. Ok.
Tuesday morning, 5:30am. Dark as soot up here where I live! Pouring down rain.

And, the best part.....I'm VERY stubborn. I know I know. Shocker!!

So, my mom was gonna drop me off at the airport, on my way to Walt Disney World for work.

So...I decided to use the side porch (that we never use because the steps are awful)

Yes. You can already see where this is headed...

Anyways, I digress.

It was raining. Like. Pouring. I was in a hurry. So I decided to only make ONE trip to the car.

So. I grabbed my suitcase, my carrying bag, and out the door I went.

Step one, step two, and set my suitcase on the ground and BAM!!!!

No step three!

I just stepped straight down to the ground and my ankle went as far under me as possible.

I screamed like a little girl that just meet Justin Beiber!!!!

So loud that mason, who was upstairs, in the bathroom getting ready, heard me and came running outside.

Needless to say, I screamed, cried, regrouped grabbed an ankle brace and dashed out the door.
Like a beast.

As soon as we landed I called my doc (who is awesome, btw)

(foot...about 3 hours after the "incident")

He assured me it wasn't broken.
Take care of business, wrap it tight, lots of ibuprofen, Ice, and stay off of it.....

Um....has he never been to Walt Disney World?!?!

Ok. So 862 miles of walking, later :)
(the next morning)

And in every single pic we took, I have this crazy, my-leg-doesnt-need-to-touch-the-ground thing going on.

I went to see him as soon as we got back home.

Just before going to the doc...
And now....the boot!


Nah, I didn't do this...but it was fun to pose for a photo opp :)

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"B" said...

Hey B, It's B,

I doubt your name is Brad as well. I guess when people hear my name, they can't help but reply with B..... Anyways, since finding your blog about 3 weeks ago, you have been to Disney world twice. Once for a Marathon "congrats" and now with a broken ankle. I must say, I'm completely jealous. But i cant complain much, me and my babies went this summer and had a great time. Just wanted to say I enjoy your all of your posts and I hope you get to feeling better. Take care and God Bless

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