Wednesday, December 19, 2012

What do you mean, "we don't get gifts"???

So, I heard a conversation tonight, and her voice just rings in my ear.

 It was a few people chatting about "teacher's gifts" and so they asked a teacher what she preferred. And she began talking about the ornaments that she has a bazillion of, but some of them she loves so much, because of that particular child.

Another talked about how she doesn't really like the "trinkets" but she encourages her parents in the room to purchase books for the classroom library. And the teacher also commented about how she likes to receive "edible giftables"

And then there was another teacher, and someone asked her opinion. She quickly replied "I teach High School. We don't get gifts"

 WHAT!!!!!!!! Hold THE BUS! What do you mean? You don't get gifts? Are you telling me that parents of High Schoolers are so disconnected, that they don't tell their children's teachers Thank You?
 Seriously. Well, the sad part is, I already knew this. Mason's freshman year, I went and put cookies in ALL of the High School teachers boxes. There aren't that many.

Maybe 30 or so.

I had baked cookies. And put 2 to a bag.

Yes, count them. 1 & 2.

(Do you know how long it takes to bake 60 cookies?!, no time! and then tie some cheap curling ribbon?!)

And I had an alarming number of teachers tell me they had NEVER received a Christmas gift in their entire High School Teaching career?


These are the teachers that help influence our children's career choice.

These are the teachers that teach them a foreign language, to equip them and help make them marketable to Corporate America.

These are the teachers that hug them when they break up with their first love....or that take care of them when they are sick, but NEED to be at school so they don't miss a huge exam.

You seriously, can't bake them a cookie.

Or buy them a dollar box of candy?

Come on now!

So, all of that to say this.

As Mason's High School career draws to a close....I realize just the value in all of years of doing this.

13 years.

Yes, 13 years and every year I have baked cookies, dipped spoons, chocolate dipped pretzels, or whatever I was feeling crafty enough to do.

And no, I am NOT bragging on myself, but am honestly thankful that I took the time.

Christmas time is frantic at our house.

And I would be willing to be that 11 of the 13 years...I was up late at night, finishing them in a quiet house, while my other 3 were nestled away (NOT helping!)

But, each  year, my boys write on the tags.

And they tell me how many teachers, coaches, janitors, office workers, etc that they want to give "gifts" to...and then they go in that morning with a bag full of goodies!

And they come with nothing! And they are always ready to tell me that so&so loved it...or Mrs. Whatever said she LOVES cookies, etc

I can only hope that my children and their wives will follow in this tradition...and maybe one day their teacher will say "I teach High School...and our kids are taught to appreciate us!"

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