Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Day 22 and beyond...

(Seriously, I need a nap)

21 days of fasting and prayer 

I didn't feel like I should really fast from
food, mostly, because I have basically been fasting food for 915 days. 
But whatever. 

I did feel led to "fast" from Facebook. And not necessarily from the "things" of Facebook. But just from the distractions of life. 

As my fingers got the "shakes" to check it, I would re-focus. It's been good. 

But in a social media driven world...it almost felt like I was missing out. At first. 

Then as days went on, I realized I wasn't. Because life was happening all
Around me. I was glad I was fully present to see it. 

Chapman began learning to play the piano. 
2 of our 3 cars needed new tire$. 
My hard drive in my laptop crashed. Dead. Laptop. {insert nervous twitch here}
Mason transferred to UAB. 
I attended 2 funerals of people I loved dearly. 
I helped a friend serve at her sons 16th birthday ceremony. 
We saw a few snowflakes in Alabama. I didn't leave the house :)
My sweet pup, Jack, had his second birthday. 
I sat with a friend at the hospital while her daughter had a brain tumor removed. 
We spent a few more nights with Pop in the hospital. 
Alabama won another National Championship. 
21 days of prayer and fasting makes me tired. Early mornings aren't my jam. 
My niece, Kaitlyn, got engaged. Wes is one lucky fella.  

All in all, it's been a great 21 days. I'm
Pretty excited to re-connect, but thankful for the new approach. 

After all, life is about loving people. And loving ON people. 
I can do that pretty well, with Facebook. But I've done ok without. 
Maybe balance is the key. 

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