Thursday, February 1, 2007

God is Good....No doubt!

I am not sure if I can say it enough. April 25.2006, we began praying for this house. 101 Circle Drive. We began praying, and believing, that this was the house God had for us. We prayed that God would bless us with this house, and make it affordable for us. We prayed for the current owner, and prayed that God would open her mind, and give her clarity, and wisdom in making this decision (after all, her house was NOT for sale......we simply called and told her that we believed her house was where God wanted us to be!)

So, after much pondering and consideration, she agreed to sell the house, and agreed on a price that we never believed she would even consider! Isn't God good!

We then quickly listed our house with an agent (please, don't get me started!) and after our 6 month contract was up, we pulled it from the market, and listed it For Sale by Owner. All the time, having a peculiar feeling about this. God had put someone on our hearts, and we truly felt led to invite her to look at our home, for purchase.

After many dealings, we determined that it was not in God's plan for her to buy the house, we continued on our adventure of selling it.

May I interrupt my own thoughts, to say, many many times we bent our knees asking God for wisdom and clarity in all of this, and He continued to tell us to wait for Him. Wait for His guidance, and wait for His wisdom.

So, finally Scott decided that we should simply take a leap of faith (all the while, the homeowner is waiting on us to sell our house, and waiting very patiently!) and give the go ahead on her house, and knowing full well that God will send someone for our home.

Needless to say, 9 months TO THE DAY from our first prayer, the lady who I mentioned above, came to look at the house.......and we all agreed with MUCH peace........

She is going to RENT our house! WOW! Can you believe it!!!

We are moving!!! Seriously, moving!!! Closing is set for February 19th!!!!

God is good........and He is given us such peace and joy through all of this, not to mention bringing us closer to Him with each door opened!

Circle! I can't wait!

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Jody said...

Hi Brittany...I stopped over from Scrap Etc board. Just had to say that I am so happy for you and your family. I always think it's funny, in a way, that we often times pray diligently and wait patiently for God's timing...and then we're so surprised when we finally get a 'yes'! Isn't that what you were praying for! =) I love it when you can "see" God's hand in a life decision. I hope the move goes smoothly for you, and that your renter works out too. Best to you and your 3QT's. I would love to hear Scott's music sometime. {I love Stephen Curtis Chapman too.} Ciao for now~

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