Monday, May 14, 2007

The run that never was!!!

Although the run got rained out, we waited it out! The boys were really pumped up and ready to go, we were ready in our cutest zoo run tshirts, and hoping for the best.
But, while we waited, the DJ played Electric Slide, Cha Cha slide, and of course we danced in the storm (hey, isn't that almost scriptural??)
Anyways, what fun we had. Now, they saw how much fun it could've been, so we're gonna all do a run this weekend!! luv my boys!


Ms.Leigh said...

Awe Yall are just the cutest in your Zoo Shirts. Love the Photo. Well, we got shirts, door prizes, dancing and BBQ all without even running. Who could ask for more? Lets not forget.. I was #1!!! LOVED IT ... AGAIN!!!

Ms.Leigh said...

Oh... How could I forget? Ice Cream Too!!

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