Thursday, July 5, 2007

Getting Closer!

Ok, so this blog comes straight from the studio! I am so close to being somewhat cleaned and organized up here, and it is great!

Thanks, Mary H. for the clear stamp storage help! I can't wait to get those going!!

Chanda just reminded me that I have the cutest little dresser stored at her house, from the move, and I can't wait to go pick that up! That will definitely hold my tool and such. It was Mason's dresser, and then Chapman's dresser,and I just love that little old dresser. So cute.

Pam found a treasure at a yard sale, the cutest little white table...........only $5. What a steal! Can't wait to get that loaded up here, too! It is going to all be so cozy,and my favorite space in the world! out.............I may never come downstairs again!

Fun stuff, pics to come soon!

Back to work............

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