Friday, November 23, 2007

Trip Report #1

Ok, where to begin???

Yes, we flew! Praise God. He is so good. Prices dropped, Grandmary hooked us up with a credit on American Airlines........and we flew.

Left out Monday evening, drove to Atlanta, and flew to Chicago. Flight delayed just a bit, but all is well. Landed safely in Chi-town approx. 9pm, taxi'd to the hotel, and walked over to Giordano's for famous Chicago Deep Dish Pizza. Absolutely delish.--

Got in bed around midnight, and up by 6am.

I hardly slept........I was so anxious! I even dreamed about getting up early! Crazy!! I know!

Ok, got up, coffee, bagel (nope, I could not even eat a whole slice of the bagel, I was so nervous!)
Left for the studio around 9am. Arrived just before 9:30.

Yep, you got it! First in line! No doubt!

Waited, and waited outside the door, 30 degree weather! Covered walkway! The best day ever! Who cares about the cold, who cares about the elements. Who cares? Not me! I am about to see Oprah!!!!

Ok, tons of fun, doors open, in we go, security, check points, id, etc!

Ok, on to the holding room! Baci Box for lunch. Nope, all I could eat was the turkey from half of the sandwich. By this time, I had the "nervous pee". I was totally feeling like I was going to have my heart beat out of my chest. The clock was ticking, and we were anxiously awaiting!

It is so intense, just just a few minutes, I will be inside the studios with OPRAH! No joking! Just typing it makes me excited again!

Ok.............the time has come. They begin calling the names.........and I hear them call my name! I scream. Yes, outloud!

We head down the stairs and make our way to the doors of the studio.

We are eagerly taken to the 3rd row. Only behind the children of Vince Gill and Amy Grant!

Ok, moments pass, and I am so so excited at this point. I am in my chair. Sitting, lights on, stage being set. Ready to go.

Yet, I get moved to the FRONT ROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, FRONT ROW!

I watch the entire taping of the first show from the front row.

Rascal Flatts, Vince Gill & Amy Grant, and Kenny Rogers***and special guest(I won't give it away!)

No kidding! I cried, I sang outloud, I smiled the entire time, I cheered. I loved it.

It was truly an out of body experience.

It is so hard to explain. It is just something I hope about and dream about, and I all of a sudden, I am there, on the set, watching it in real life. But, I caught myself thinking and feeling like I was watching it on TV. So, so "surreal".

More to come.....................................

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