Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Getting Back to normal

Ok, let's get back to normal:
-Had a few friends over for a "small group" get-together last night for dessert and coffee. That was a good time. The ooey gooey bars were good, and the Hot Chocolote, too! Thanks Susie for that recipe.

-Had quite a few things listed on ebay, they ended, and I have shipped most of it off! Yip!

-Training is going great. I am up to a good 4 miles, and my 5 mile run is Saturday..........getting ready for the Mercedes!

-All 3 of my QTGUYS have been sick, and that's surely no fun. Except for that maybe they NEED me a little more when they are sick, and I like to feel like they still need me!

-The house is clean!

-The laundry is done (for now)

-Gonna try to go crop this weekend atleast on Friday!


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