Tuesday, January 1, 2008

One Little Word ---Welcome 2008

After thinking about it and pondering it, and giving it much thought..............

(spoken like Password):

the word is: BALANCE

Yes, that's my goal for 2008. Notice: I don't like the word resolution, so very hokey! So, goal it is!

Balance: I am striving for establishing better balance in every area of my life.

-balance my relationship with Jesus. My end is always low.

-balance my relationship with Scott. I just can't get enough (most days!)

-balance my relationship with each of my boys. The oldest is needing me in new ways.........that's surely in need of balance. The youngest is still so loving, and so cuddling, and I realize that it ends sooner than I had hoped. I need to balance (my end being heavier on this one-for sure!)

-balance my relationship with this computer. It sucks me in!

-balance my work / or ebay / or whatever brings in the $$..............and do what is needed, but not be consumed by the love of $$. God will provide it. Period.

-balance my play time. In two areas: I want to play with MY stuff. My paper, my ribbon, my albums. I need to make more time for that. It makes me happy. & I want to play with the boys more. I want to play with paint, I want to play on the floor, I want to whip their butts at the new basketball arcade game! I don't want to watch Scott and the boys play, or wash dishes, while they play. From now on, I am playing more, too! That's fun.

-balance my friendships. I don't want to hang out with negative. I only want to nurture the positive. That makes me feel good.

-balance my fitness, and new love for that. I love to run, I love to workout. I want to do it more.....and more regular. The running part, I am pretty good at doing that, but I want to get back to working out. Even if it means going back to the 4:30am deal! Yikes! Did I just say that?

Ok, so there you have it! Thanks, Ali, for the challenge!

Balancing the new year,

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