Tuesday, November 11, 2008

2 months away...........

And I am feeling defeated!

Just for a day, I suppose, but none-the-less, I do feel that way today! I guess that is the ups and downs of the training.

So, I set out for my "long run" today, and I only made it 12 miles. Yikes. 12 miles. And, I know that is great.......I mean, just a few short months ago, I would have killed for 12........but, that being said, I still have more to go.

My feet hurt, my toes felt like they were all broken at the joint, my knee, oh, my right knee. My hip, my back was throbbing, and it was ultra cold. So, I just could not get warmed up.

So, 6 miles short of my goal, I stopped. Yes. Just dead stopped in the road, and turned around. To WALK home (oh, the horror, I walked!)

I felt defeated for the entire 2 mile walk home. UGH!

So, I began to talk to my pshyche, and to listen to God. You know what:

I press toward the mark. I will not be defeated.
I can do ALL things!
My chains are gone, I've been set free.
God with us. God with us.
Jesus, bring your rain.
I have been tested, and when I am finished, I will come through pure as gold.
The Lord gives and the Lord takes away, blessed be his name.

***********So............tonight, as I sit, after my very unproductive and defeated Veteran's Day.............I am reminded that with only 2 months away, I have trained, and I have trained my body, and am only 9 miles short of my goal! My training is right on target, and I will see this thing through.

Every day CAN'T be a good running day, and I will grab my ipod, and try again another day! And, yes, I WILL do it!

(oh, and I think I'll run over to Fleet Feet tomorrow and get some new shoes: just in case!)

2 months and counting! Yippeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!


Amy Nabors said...

okay, just the fact that you ran 12miles amazes me. i'm so proud of myself if i walk 2 miles. we're all entitled to a bad day so just dust yourself off and try again. i mean 12 miles. wow!

Virginia said...

Girl, you totally inspire me. You might give yourself a little slack considering all your body went through last week... it's not like you were getting normal rest or anything!!

Hey I tagged ya!

Gretchen said...

i'll race ya at Disney.
did you get new shoes?

HoweverAlthough said...

You go, b! You can do it. I know you can. You're amazing.

King Conch said...

You don't know me (I'm a friend of Katie), but hang in there. I've had days like that...wondering how I'll ever be able to run 26.2 miles if I can't even run half that. All your training will come together, just keep working...and keep having fun.

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