Sunday, November 16, 2008

Set your TiVo...............

Well, i have mine set for sure! So, we went, and it was LIVE!

She said, "Welcome everybody........we are Live from Chicago!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Ah, that was great stuff! No joke!

And, after the first show (Will Smith and Rosario Dawson!) we stayed for a second taping. (we had seen the screening of the new movie the night before!)

Now, I could give a play by play about how Kristin got in the line, and Susie and I hopped in a cab, dashed into our hotel room, packed like maniacs, got back in a cab, headed for Harpo Studios (luggage in tow) and hopped out, stashed our luggage in the office at the Oprah Boutique, ran across the street to get in the line, and barely made it!!!!!!!!! Then, we were let into the studio, and the second taping began! Great fun! Amazing, talented kids!

And, then..........she says something like "well, Sprint wants our audience to keep in touch with their talented they are giving everyone a BRAND NEW SAMSUNG INSTINCT phone"


Crazy, Crazy good times!

Then, we hopped out of the studio and headed over to the Oprah Boutique to do some shopping! Too much fun! Oprah stuff everywhere, and the best part is that ALL of the profits go to the Angel Network! Good Stuff!

So, then, jetted over to the airport, and headed home!

Good Times, I tell ya, Good Times!

I can't wait to see the show tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

Wow, greatness i s in my presence..lo

What an amazing experience.....

matt said...

Did you see "Seven Pounds"? If so, what did you think of the movie? I've been looking forward to this movie, since I saw the preview.

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