Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Happy Birthday to HIM! 35...........and still hot as evah!

And, you wonder where my kids get their personality! No joke! This guy is good stuff!

Ok, so I could post 35 things I love about him, but there are really about 75 things, so I will wait til he's a little older!

I could post 35 things that are a sign that he is OLDER than me........but, I will save myself the time to dig those up!

I could post some very tragic pictures of when he was younger and so skinny, and lanky, and awkward........but then he MIGHT return the favor and do that to me one day

So, instead, I will just profess my ridiculous obsession with him here:

"Ok, so you know, there is this super cute guy, and I, like, totally wish he would be hot for me, because, like, you know, I am so totally hot for him. I mean, when I look at him, like, I just wish I could be near him,and like, when I think about him, I totally want to make out with him. And, then, like, I turn on the radio, and like, I hear this super cool sweet song about how good love is, and like, I totally think about him, and then I get super hot for him,and then, like I just want to call him, and hear his voicemail pick up, so that, like, I can just hear his voice. Like. Do you know him? Scott Smith...........super fine!"

Yep, you got it. That's MY man! Happy Birthday, honey!



Gretchen said...

does he know you posted those pics of him on here??

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to your hubby.

Cute post!

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