Friday, January 16, 2009

Already feeling better!

I have a GREAT "race report" to post, but I don't have my camera (very long story) so, when it finds it's way home, hopefully Sunday night, I will post more details!

But, until then, I will say this. It is nice to have people on "my team". It is nice to have people that love us, and cheered us on from the sidelines, and from home, too!

Tonight, we were invited to dinner @ some friend's house. Just to hang out, and tell them all about it. They were so kind, and knew that dinner was not something I would feel like doing, and they just wanted to let us tell them all about it.

So, when we arrive, about 12-14 of our Sunday School class were there, waiting to give us a high five!

Wow! No kidding! What great friends!

I am so thankful, and so blessed to be loved!


Lisa said...

wow - that's just awesome. LOVE the picture you posted!! you totally completely blow me away!

Katie Burnett said...

huge congrats Scott and Brit!! I am awed by your running skills. We must s. c. soon so I can hear all about it

Gretchen said...

hey, great pic!

Virginia said...

I am so proud & impressed! I love that pic, too! I can't wait to see this scrapped! Woo to the hoo!

Creating Memories said...

Wow, look at you go in that photo! So proud of you and Gretchen for the big race!

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