Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Half Marathon

Up and at it, early. Again. This time, clock set for 2:30am.

Rise and Shine.

And we did.

We (me and the boys)went with Scott to meet Kristin and Susie at the start line. We waited for them to get there, and then as they headed to the start line, Me, the boys, and Jason, headed for our journey.

We went to watch them, as they fired the gun.......but.....because they were across the street, and it was PITCH BLACK outside, we did not see them. Not one of them.

So, off we went. To the monorail. First stop. Ticket and Transportation Center, and then we make a mad dash for the monorail to the Magic Kingdom. And, off we go.

Down the ramp and into the park, to get a cozy spot on Main Street! And, yes, here's comes Scott! Running at a great pace! He was so cute! I was so proud to see him!

I am glad Jason snapped this pic, b/c I was too busy getting him a bottle of water, that I missed the photo op!

Ok, back to the run.

Check out these guys! We saw them at the start line, and then saw them several times throughout the race. Woody ran the whole race with this hat. No joke!

So, then, just a little bit later, here come Kristin and Susie!

How funny are they! They were taking pictures and having a great time! I Love it!
Ok, off we go. No time to waste. We jet back to the monorail to do it all over again, to get back to Epcot, in hopes that we dont' miss them.
Jason and the boys were keeping up with the runners via text messages, and I was keeping up with the entire family on the cell phone. Everyone trying to get to the right place on time!

So, we did make it to the finish on time. Scott crossed looking like a champion. I mean, that guy is good looking, especially when he is looking like this! Just looking right at me! Goodness! I was so proud of him. 13.1 down...(well, and the 5K too) and only 26.2 to go tomorrow!

So, Scott got his medal, his water, powerade, etc, and headed out to the stands to be with us, while we waited for the girls to come in.
And, they did!
Smiling it in, across the finish!
Way to go, Kristin and Susie! I am so proud of you too!

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