Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Animal Kingdom 5k

**First off, If this picture does not scream FUNNNNNNN to you, well, you might need to look again! This was FUN!

So, it started off, nice and early. 7am, meaning we had to be there just about 6am to get ready, inline, on the bus, etc. I think our alarm went off at 4:30am.

Rise and Shine!

And we did!

We got there, looked for the rest of the family, but never did see them! We finally found Jason, Susie and the girls, and we did a little pre-race warm-up, led by the ever-funny Jason!

Lots of fun! The characters from the Lion King came out to start the race! They started us off, 10-9-8-.....and then fireworks!

Of course, we shuffled for a little while, and then the running began! Scott and Chap stayed together, and I stayed right behind them! Mas ran ahead and then double back, ran ahead and doubled back. He did that most of the race!

But, Chap stayed in there! We let him set the pace, and then we went with that!

I love this pic of him and Scott. Just trodding along, and having fun all the while!

Then, he would kind of change up! Hang with me for a while.

He looked forward to the water break at 1.5 mile, and then we picked it back up.

I passed this girl wearing this shirt, and I had to take her pic!

At the split, we passed most of the family, here's a cute one of Susie carrying Emma (yes, I know it is sideways, I am too lazy right now to edit it)

Then, we passed Grandmary and PawPaw, love those ears.

Then, Kristin (who had been at the ER with Strep Throat just the night before) skipping along with Justin!

And, the rest of the crew!

Yes, as you can tell, it was a fun run! For sure!


Michelle Whitlow said...

Congrats on the run!!! You're more woman than me :)

Gretchen said...

what a bunch of nuts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
and how come you don't wear make-up for me when we run? hmmmmmmm.

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