Thursday, February 12, 2009

Love is in the air!

Yes, what a cheesy title, but I am not sure what else to it is.
So, I will start with these. I made a TON of these.........I mean, a ton! All of my nieces and nephews, ALL of the kids in Chap's class, ALL of Mas' teachers, and then anyone and everyone else they wanted to "share the love" with!
I LOVE the tag that he put on this one..........To Chap From Chap! Classic, that kid!
Then, onto these beauties! Yes, this might be my most favorite treat EVER!!!! Ok, so I am usually not a fan of the shaped stuff, seems like just too much trouble. But, this......totally worth it!
So, baked the brownies in the 13x9.
Let cool. (kindof.....I am super impatient)
Then cut with cookie cutter.
Then, I put mine into Ziplock bags and put them down inside these!
Yes, that's right! How cute are these. I totally downloaded them from Twig & Thistle. It is the funnest little project!
I totally wish I had time to do the pies! If I do, I will work on those Saturday night!
Ok, so anyways, then I baked some cookies, and put them in treats bags with little toppers that say :Chocolate and You, what a sweet treat!
Yes, my house smells like a dream! And, everyone will be happy with these yummy treats, for sure! Here's a pic of a little assortment!


Gretchen said...

Mom of the Year for you!

Anonymous said...

So stinkin cute!!!!

What is it with our kids.....Emma always makes a valentine for herself with a cute little tag: To Emma, From Emma! So funny!

And when did you even find time to do all this anyway.....go get some sleep!!!!

Unknown said...

These are great! I love seeing how people put their own spin on this project. I'm so glad I found this and thanks for sharing your pics! -Kathleen @ Twig & Thistle

Anna Bess said...

My kids got to give their friends Necco candy hearts and Barbie cards. I went all out. You are putting me way to shame!

lucysinspired said...

Dang girl! You rock!! Can you adopt my kids and make them cute brownies for valentines?

I LOVE the brown bag....way too cute!

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