Monday, February 16, 2009

Mercedes.....a weekend full!

Look at this cute guy! My Chap and his friend Max.........they ran the Kids Marathon! Now, if you are not familiar with this one, it is where they sign up, and then they log their miles (PE, outside, other running, etc) until this day......completing 25.2 miles in advance, then now on this day, they run 1 one mile, and they get a Marathon Medal! How fun is that!

But just before that Mas ran the 5k, setting his PR of 35 minutes! I mean, look at this picture, he is turning it on, for sure! Now, we have always joked with him, since he was little in Tball.....he is an excellent athlete, but I think he was born with lead in his butt......however, this race, he burned it in! And, he was HAPPY! Way to go, Mas!

Now, Sunday morning, we started up......a little bit chilly, but great running weather, and off we went. I set out for the half (along with my good friend, Gretchen), my mom, sis, broinlaw and sisinlaw participated in Relay Teams, and Scott ran the full! Yes, he is a maniac, I am sure! But, he did it! After we finished, Me, Gmac and Stuart set out on a quest to be Scott's biggest supporters, and we found him at 4 different locations!!! Go Scott Go!!!

The family that runs together......................has serious "day-after" pains together :)


Amy Nabors said...

way to go! my sis did a relay team in the mercedes also.

Linh C. said...

You guys are awesome! I didn't find out about the special thing for the kids until it was too late...Well, I guess I could have made my kids run several miles a day for two weeks to catch up. Ha! We'll try to do this next year.

Michelle Whitlow said...

Hey, I just snagged the last spot for the carousel class :) I SO need a break from life!!

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